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Why would I use Compatible or Remanufactured cartridges?
If someone told you that Generic drugs were not worth the savings, what would you say?

Compatible toner is comparable to Generic Drugs.
They are designed to do the same as the name brand and save you lots of money.

Remanufactured toners
Taken apart cleaned and refilled. If the technician see fit, they replace the drum. The unit is tested and released for sale.

These are manufactured from the start. They may use reclaimed parts from recycled cartridges, but if you read the box, many new cartridges use recycled parts. They get a new drums and toner pouch. They are tested and released for sale.

Should I use Compatible or Remanufactured?
The choice is yours. There is more savings when using Remanufactured, but the incidence problems is much higher than Compatible cartridges. Keep in mind that ALL cartridges are guaranteed 100%, but most customers would rather avoid the time consuming time it takes to return problem cartridges. We usually suggest using Compatibles.

Can Compatible or Remanufactured cartridges void my warranty?
No! The Federal Government protects the consumer with the Magnuson-Moss act.

What type of printer should I buy?
That all depends on your needs. Speed is usually a factor. Just keep in mind the most critical element in the decision process is “cost per copy”. The new inkjet systems have very small cartridges and when you analyze the cost per copy it is usually very high. Look toward laser printers. They are high speed and the cost per copy is usually a great deal lower.

Providing the highest quality Generic Ribbons, Toner and Ink Cartridges