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Highest quality compatible products available

Substantial Savings over Staples, Office Depot, WB Mason for their OEM and
Remanufactured products usually averaging savings of 40% or more

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100% Guaranteed

FREE Shipping for all orders over $99

We analyze every customers order to make sure they are using the best "cost per copy" products available for their particular printer, copier, fax or postage meter. This is why we request make and model of machine, rather than a cartridge ID. There are companies who buy the wrong toner or ink for their machines for years, we help them make sure that it never happens when they make an informed purchase from us

Stable pricing structure. Very few price increases. OEM's have price increases frequently

Desktop ICON for ordering. Only our customer's items appear there.

EasyOrder software provides methods of ordering which can be done by product or by user name. They can be departmentalized for ease of use. Software is very powerful and useful to users. See video below.

We provide free cost per copy analysis on any new machine purchases, so customer can make educated decision. Many times a model which is a few dollars more to buy can be a much more cost effective tool. An example would be the HP2035 and the HP2055, cost per copy savings for the HP2055 of approximately 40 to 50% over the HP2035. Even with the cost of the copier being $150.00 more (faster, higher resolution print, duplex), This would result in substantial savings over the life of the printer.


Average office supply costs are calculated by a variety of measures. One that we like to use is the cost per employee, You figure that can range from a few hundred dollars per year to a more than a thousand, depending on factors like industry and the nature of the business, as well as organizational size, culture and policies.

A good rule of thumb is $200 per person per year for corporations and $1000 per person in law firms. Because of the nature of the legal industry, law firms are likely to always outspend their business brethren. Yet this disparity shows just how efficient companies have become in managing expenses, and how much room there may be for improvement in law firms.

With this in mind, consider a firm with 300 employees would spend roughly $60,000 per year and we can provide potential savings of $20,000 to $35,000 per year.

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